Welcome to UKPTS

Aims of UKPTS

To provide a forum for multi-disciplinary professionals working in the field of psychotrauma to share ideas and knowledge relevant to their work in the field

To provide considered, and evidence based, comment on psychological trauma on behalf of the membership in order to aid those who might be affected by traumatic events

To provide a forum for health professionals that lead clinical traumatic stress services to meet and share best practice and informal peer supervision (this forum is called the UK Trauma Group; it is now a subgroup of the UKPTS)

To provide members with access to quality, affordable CPD events that will support the continuing development of best practice in the field of psychotraumatology

To promote practice, guidance and policy which has as its aim the alleviation of suffering as a result of psychological trauma through dissemination of evidence based prevention, early detection and treatment

To maintain a close relationship with the European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies and other organisations with an interest in traumatic stress


UKPTS Office

For general enquiries please contact Sarah Winkler via email here or telephone 07979 994057 in the first instance.  Please note that the core UKPTS office hours are 9am - 1pm on Mondays and Wednesdays.  The phone and email may however be checked at other times outwith these hours.  


Traumatic Stress Management Guidance 

The UKPTS has been working to produce evidence based best practice guidance for organisations whose staff are routinely exposed to traumatic events as a result of their work. This guidance is also endorsed by the European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies. The UKPTS consider that adopting the principles enshrined in the guidance document should become the 'norm' for trauma-exposed organisations and lead to improvements in the health, well-being and productivity of individuals working in highly challenging environments.  Download the PDF here.


The Board Members

The United Kingdom Psychological Trauma Society was formed after intensive discussion in and between the UK Trauma Group (UKTG) and BICESTSS which it now replaces.  The inaugural board was formed by 12 members of UKTG.  Nominations for the board were agreed and sanctioned at the AGM at the 2nd Annual meeting, Edinburgh 23 February 2010. Current board members are:

Robin Bennett (East London)

Anne Douglas (Glasgow)

Wendy Frappell-Cooke (London) 

Neil Greenberg (Portsmouth)

Sarah Heke (London) 

Deborah Lee (Berkshire)

Mark McFetridge (York)

Gill Moreton (Edinburgh)

Marianna Odysseos (Colchester) 

Laura Toplis (Cambridge) 

Sarah Ward-Lilley (London) 

Naomi Wilson (London) 



Office Bearers

Administrator - Sarah Winkler For email contact please click here.

President - Neil Greenberg For email contact please click here.

Treasurer - Gill Moreton

Secretary - Sarah Heke For email contact please click here.


Co-opted Members

Pamela Dix (London) 

Chris Freeman (Edinburgh) (Co-opted, Ex-President) 

Fred Piggott (London)  

Gavin Rees (London)